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Ornamental Trees


Pink Flowering Crabs


Red Flowering Crabs


White Flowering Crabs


Indian Magic Flowering CrabIndian Magic Flowering Crab

(Malus 'Indian Magic')
  • Deepest pink flower 
  • Fruit changes from red to golden orange
  • 15'-20' maturity height
  • Reddish-Orange fall leaf color

Red Splendor Flowering CrabRed Splendor Flowering Crab

(Malus 'red splendor')
  • Zone 3 hardy
  • Pure pink flower in spring
  • Small bright red fruit that never falls
  • Glossy reddish-green foliage

Cardinal Flowering CrabCardinal Flowering Crab

(Malus 'Cardinal')
  •  20' tall by 20' wide 
  • Zone 4
  • Bright red flowers bloom in early spring
  • Resistant to apple scab and cedar apple rust

Prairie Fire Flowering CrabPrairie Fire Flowering Crab

(malus 'prairie fire')
  • Our most popular flowering crab tree
  • 15'-20' tall at maturity
  • Pinkish-red flower with maroon fruit
  • Upright shape spreading to round
  • Zone 4 (we have found it to be hardy in 3b)

Spring Snow Flowering CrabSpring Snow Flowering Crab

(Malus 'Spring Snow')
  • Beautiful double white blossoms in early spring
  •  Zone 3 hardy
  •  Can reach up to 30' tall at maturity
  •  Our only flowering crab with no fruit or berries 

River BirchRiver Birch

(Betula nigra)
  • Grown mostly as multi-stemmed tree
  • 40'-50' at maturity
  • Resistant to bronze birch borer
  • Noted for peeling cinnamon colored bark
  • Unique slender branches

Canada Red CherryCanada Red Cherry

(Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red Select')
  • Ornamental tree
  • White flowers and dark red fruits emerge late in season
  • Leaves emerge green and turn maroon in late spring
  • 20'-25' tall and 20' spread
  • Hardy selection for zone 2

japanese Tree LilacJapanese Tree Lilac

(Syringa reticulata 'Ivory silk')
  • Large clusters of creamy white flowers
  • Blooms in late June or early July 
  • Zone 3 hardy
  • Performs best in full sun 
  • 20'-25' maturity height

Showy Mountain AshShowy Mountain Ash

(Sorbus decora)
  • 20'-25' tall at maturity
  • Hardiest and most disease resistant of Mtn. Ash
  • We have two types: Russian and Blackhawk
  • Very attractive white flowers and orange or red fruit


Pagoda DogwoodPagoda Dogwood

(Cornus alternifolia)
  • Unique horizontal branching pattern
  • Creamy white flowers
  • Bluish black fruit
  • Maroon red fall foliage
  • 15'-20' maturity height
  • 20'-25' maturity spread